"Forgotten Memories"

So why is the name of my tumblr page “Forgotten Memories”? Most people will think that it meant the pictures that I post reflects on what my mind is thinking. That’s partially true, but the real reasoning behind the title is that this page was dedicated to my ex-girlfriend that I still truly love. I’ve always had hope that we would fall in love again. It didn’t matter if it was in months or years. I just know that day would someday come and when it finally comes, I wanted to show her this tumblr page. I’d start on the first post that I’ve posted and as a bed time story or whenever she feels down, I would tell her why I posted the picture, the emotions that were going on, how it relates to me, and why it’s meaningful to me. I wanted to tell her one thing about me each day, so that she gets to know me better. I am not a storyteller, so I thought the easiest story I could tell was my story

Months have passed. I still miss her. 

As I lose hope in us each day, I got worried that someday I would not be able to be with her to tell my stories. These stories could possibly be “forgotten memories”, memories/experiences that she will never know about. ….And that day has come. I was foolish to think that we still had a chance, but that does not change the fact that she will always be my princess in my story. If I ever have a baby girl, I will name her Cindy. Even if she could not be my princess, my baby girl will be my little princess. And even if I could not tell her my story, I will tell my baby girl about it and also about her. I want my baby to believe princesses do exist. And I’m sorry that I did not make her feel like one and if I could change that, I would but it’s kinda too late. 

Well, that’s it for my story. A beginning, an ending. Contents that only the storyteller (me) could understand. And only one special person who gets to listen to it but will never be able to. This story has lost its purpose and its only listener. “Forgotten Memories”. The End. 

I haven’t had good sleep lately.

Sleeping late as hell and then waking up early for shoes. It’s been like this for several days now. I’m tired. I have to wake up early tomorrow again. Someone cuddle with me. NOW. Pretty please. :( I’ll keep you warm?


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